SATSANG – August 30, 2003 – morning – Jiloviste, Czech Republic

Heart is Self. On our left side is the heart organ but that is not the Heart. The Heart is on the right side. But that right side is also created by the mind. It is only for practise. The Heart is everywhere.

Heart to Heart talking is real Silence. The Heart has no thought. It helps us to think and to talk. Heart to Heart is always talking. Real talk is Silence. Talking has many ideas. Talking more or less is creating. Talking is creating good or bad, like or dislike, love and hate. The mind has some ideas while talking. The Heart has no thought. So it is always. It has no change. It has no ideas. So that is real talking. That is real advice, that is a real discourse. Thinking, talking, hearing – those are ego. Your ideas are entering the minds of others immediately by your talking, so they are receiving your ideas, suggestions. But no reality. You have no reality when you are talking. Then the other person is hearing your advices by your talking and he has no correct understanding, because he has no Self experience. Talking is only giving ideas from one person to another. But that is not real talking. That is only temporary and not permanent salvation.

No talking is silence. No movement to the mind is silence. When no thought arises that is silence. But supreme Silence is Being. No thought, no talking, only Self remains.

That supreme Silence is always talking Heart to Heart. That Silence is helping us always to raise thoughts and to talk also. Talking is not needed for success in our work. Don’t talk unnecessarily. Unnecessary talking is of no use. If you want to talk it must bring something good to others. Talk peacefully, lovingly and calmly.

Silence is better than talking. No harm to you, no harm to others also.

Ramana Maharshi spent so many years in silence. Silence is Self. Self is everywhere. If you Are so much in Silence, your Self spreads everywhere. It helps to others. Ramana Maharshi was silent for years together. He attracted all the world with Silence. That is the real talk. So many devotees came from so many countries to Ramana Maharshi. But almost always he did not talk. Only Silence. It means He’s only the Self. One devotee questioned, “Why are you not talking?”. No need of any talking, because first the ego is rising, then all thoughts are coming from the ego and then we are talking. So talking is not real salvation. Thought also is not real salvation. Because these are coming from the ego. Ego doesn’t know the Self, ego itself is an illusion. So, no use of talking.

But Silence is the supreme power, so ego and thoughts and talking come from the Self. Only Silence helps others for calmness, peace and good advice. That is the permanent salvation. Giving advices, giving teaching, knowing, none are a permanent solution. Be silent, then so much power arises in you. That power will do talking, working and thinking very naturally, no need of your thinking, no need of your ideas. Everything will be happy and in peace. Self is ruling this universe with Silence. Silence means – Be the Self.

Full Awareness, don’t allow activities of your mind. Remove the activities of the mind. Then the Self does everything very well. Dive into the Heart without thought. Investigate where is Peace inside. See who is the investigator. Catch that seer.

If you want true Silence… There is a seer inside. That seer is the main problem. That seer is disturbing our Silence. Kill that seer. See that seer with full Peace. Without other thoughts. The Peace is the Self power. If there are no other thoughts, the Peace kills the seer directly. Directly means – only the seer and the Self, only the two are in our Heart, no other thoughts. So, then a direct fight between the Self and the ego. Kill the seer with full Peace without thoughts. If you kill the seer, there is no seer to see the world. If you kill the seer, there is no seer to see your body. There is no seer, so there is no seeing. So only Self is seeing, the seeing also is Self. That is full Self Power, full Consciousness. So mind, body and the world, the three disappear. That is the freedom, that is the liberation, that is the salvation, enlightenment, solitude, Lord, no death, no change, no seer, no scene, no experiences, no greatness, no miracles, no birth, no death.

We came into the world to earn this knowledge of the Self. All other things, all other work is only illusion. Every work, every thought should help for Self realization.

All rivers are going into the ocean. Then all rivers are losing their names and forms. After mixing into the ocean, there are no rivers at all. The Self is the ocean. All thoughts are coming from the ego. The ego is coming from the Self. If you kill your ego, all thoughts will mix into the Self. Then thought has no name. No formation of thoughts. There is only the Self… that is the ocean of Self, no thoughts.

The Silence helps you. Silence is natural. It doesn’t come with your effort. So it is natural, it IS, only. When any experience comes, immediately it goes. But this is not a mind experience. When any experience comes to mind, immediately it disappears. This is not a mind experience, so it stays for a long time. A long time experience is not in the mind. Only it is natural.

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