SATSANG – August 30, 2003 – evening – Jiloviste, Czech Republic

We have been talking about Self Enquiry for only fourteen days.
The body does not say, “I am the body”.
The world never says, “I am the world”.
Sense organs in our body, the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin, they never say that I am nose, that I am eye, that I am skin, they never say that.
Who is saying, “This is the world”?
I am saying “This is the world”.
The world does not say, “I am the world”.
You are saying, “This is the world”.
I… I am saying.
What is that I?
The body does not say, “I am the body”.
Who is saying it?
I am saying, “This is my body”.
Who is saying it? I.
In deep sleep there is no I.
No I, no body. No I, no world.
I is the body, I is the world.
There is no difficulty in the world, or in your body.
There is no problem in the world, there is no problem in your body.
So, no problem in the world, no problem in the body.
The main problem is that wrong I.
Every person is trying to solve problems with thoughts.
Thoughts are changing. You think that the solution is in the mind.
Still there is the wrong I.
The wrong I is creating problems in the body and in the world.
So we think about the body and the world, not about the I.
There is no problem in the world and in the body and in the Self also.
The Self is always the same.
The false I is attached to the body.
The wrong I is attached to the world.
So attachment is the problem.
This attachment is not there in deep sleep.
Remove the attachment to the body and the world by effort.
The attachment is only due to the wrong I.
If you have Peace, there is no attachment to body and world.
But there are thoughts, but no attachment to them.
If there is the wrong I, immediately attachment.
So always, if you have attachment, there is the wrong I.
No attachment, then that is Peace or the Self.
Everyone has Self experience, but they don’t know that it is the Self.
Happiness, joy, satisfaction, love, all are Self experiences.
But we lose those experiences immediately.
So we have no full knowledge, understanding of the Self.
It is always in us. It is working always.
It never comes, it never goes.
Peace is the Self. There is no other thing beyond Peace.
Peace is the Self.
Think yourself about Peace. Peace is itself only.
It is not coming by your mind or by your effort.
Only our mind and effort is disappearing.
No attachment to thoughts.
No attachment to thoughts and no effort to gain Peace.
So no effort is needed, no thoughts are needed for Self realization.
We must have detachment only.
Detachment from mind and ego.
That detachment is natural in Peace.
If you think about your body and about the world, there is no chance to remove those thoughts.
So be peaceful.
No removing of the mind is needed.

Peace is the solution of problems of our life and our mind.
So it is necessary to always improve the Peace.
For improvement of the Peace no work, no thoughts, no actions, nothing is needed.
Because Peace is our natural state.
Only your ideas are covering that Peace always.
It is very easy to always have Peace, if you don’t think about your body.
If you think about your body, immediately you lose Peace.
The body is only an instrument of the mind.
The mind is an instrument of the ego.
The ego is an instrument of the Self.
So everything will be solved by Peace.
Even death also will be solved by Peace.

Peace, if it comes out of the body, it works so much – with full strength.
Every work is with full power.
It is easy to do any work, it is easy to be always happy, it is easy to work without getting tired, because that is the spiritual power of Peace.
You don’t need any prayer in Peace.
You don’t need God in Peace.
You don’t need Guru in Peace.
Guru and Lord are giving you Peace.
There is no name, no form, for Lord and Guru.
So Peace is Guru and Lord.
Peace is Guru.
Peace is Lord.
Peace is the Self.
Do not create any thought in Peace.
Immediately see that thought.
Immediately try to remove that thought.
Because that thought is covering your Peace.
If you remove that thought, it is always, Peace is always.
Thoughts are temporary covering.
If you have full consciousness, there is no covering of the Self with your mind.
If you forget Peace, then immediately the mind will cover your Self.
Until the experience of Peace becomes continuous, you must try to remove your mind.
After removing your mind it is very natural, you don’t need any effort.
You don’t need any bodily experiences for Peace.
Peace is within you, so you don’t need your body for Peace.
The world cannot give Peace.
So you don’t need the world for Peace.
The mind never gives Peace.
So you don’t need the mind for Peace.
Improve your Peace always, then you will know that you are God.
Mind never knows that you are Lord, because it is an illusion.
Only in Silence with Peace we know the Lord is us, “I am the Lord”.
But that full consciousness of Lord is not the ego, is not the mind.

We have no memory, we have no remembrance, we haven’t been thinking for two hours now.
So thoughts have no remembrance, memory or thinking, only they are going on their way.
Inside we have Grace. So we have no time sense.

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